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Prada delights fashion enthusiasts with Twitter Live

Key Results

Live event views

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The opportunity:

Since 2019, Prada (@Prada) has been using Twitter Live with great success for all its launches. Livestreams of the brand’s catwalks offer its audience the chance to get an exclusive glimpse at new collections and share their excitement with others in real-time.

It’s no surprise that 39% of people become interested in finding out about a brand’s products after watching a live event on Twitter.1

Ahead of its Fall Winter 2022 Womenswear Collection launch, @Prada wanted to achieve mass buzz around the newest collection as it had achieved before.

The solution:

With its previous success of using Twitter Live, @Prada was keen to once again make Live the centrepiece of the launch campaign for its Fall Winter 2022 Womenswear Collection.

The campaign ran simultaneously across five markets, Italy, France, Germany, the US, and the UK, to extend the reach of its catwalk to the most significant fashion and luxury markets and connect with the broadest possible audience.

One week before the live event, @Prada began to build anticipation with a Brand Notification Tweet allowing people on Twitter to opt-in to receive individual notifications about the catwalk.

On the live event day, @Prada delighted fashion and luxury fans with a 15-minute long sci-fi-inspired catwalk that showcased the brand’s innovative and disruptive new collection.

Following the event, @Prada used Video Website Cards to promote a 15-second video featuring the catwalk’s best moments, which directed users to the show’s landing page.

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Build momentum with Branded Notifications

@Prada drove awareness to its catwalk show and stayed top of mind by inviting users to like the launch Tweet and receive notifications as the event got nearer.



Surprise users with a Live event

@Prada delivered an exciting catwalk that showcased its new collection and encouraged viewers to join in the conversation.



Keep the conversation going with Video Website Cards

A summary showing the best looks of the catwalk was a great way of re-engaging users and driving them to the show’s landing page.


The results:

Twitter Live demonstrated once more to be the right way to launch a new @Prada collection. The 4M views of the live event are an indicator of the audience size the brand was able to reach. More importantly, 238K total engagements and 49.3K clicks on links show how relevant the message was to the intended audience.

1) Twitter Insiders US Live Events 2021 Study, N=207 respondents, Q. Have you ever done any of the following actions after seeing a live event on each of these platforms? Please select all that apply. Talked about the product/service featured in the event with friends or family OR Searched for more information on the product/service featured in the event.


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