Case Study

Huawei's new tablet goes global with Promoted Tweets

Key results

higher average engagement rate than the projected KPI

lower CPE than the projected KPI

increase in Twitter followers

The opportunity

Huawei (@HuaweiMobile) wanted to spark buzz around the announcement of its new flagship mobile device: the 6-inch "phablet" Ascend Mate 7 (#Mate7‬‬‬‬‬‬). A key challenge was to raise awareness across the 11 disparate markets that would launch the device just weeks after the announcement — from Germany, Spain and Italy to Mexico, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. @HuaweiMobile turned to Twitter to provide the real-time global reach it needed.

The strategy

@HuaweiMobile introduced the new product at a major press conference at IFA Berlin, Europe’s biggest international trade show for consumer electronics. In the build up to the conference, @HuaweiMobile sent a Promoted Tweet asking users “Is 7 your lucky number?” with an embedded video of its teaser ad. The Promoted Tweet invited users to follow the press conference live using the hashtag #HuaweiIFA2014‬‬‬‬‬‬. Throughout the press conference, @HuaweiMobile sent regular Tweets highlighting the key features of the new #Mate7‬‬‬‬, information that its audience was keen to learn. @HuaweiMobile used a wide range of geographic, interest and @username targeting to ensure that its message reached the right audience.‬‬

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Build anticipation with the right content at the right time.

@HuaweiMobile kept its audience engaged by sending Promoted Tweets that provided product information that wasn’t available anywhere else. By staggering the release of the Promoted Tweets with visuals of the new #Mate7’s key product features live during the press conference, @HuaweiMobile built buzz and excitement among its followers. The strategic release of information during a defined time period helped keep audiences involved over the course of the event.


Use engaging visuals to share key information.

Promoted Tweets delivered the key selling points of the new #Mate7 device in a simple, visually engaging way that was relevant to the target audience. By using visuals featuring photographs of the new products with strong supporting messages, @HuaweiMobile was able to showcase the new range. The company also provided information such as the product availability in different markets and the recommended retail price with a link to a minisite for more details.


Connect by targeting the right audience.

@HuaweiMobile targeted its series of Promoted Tweets to a wide range of users across the 11 key countries, delivering a broad global audience. The combination of geotargeting and interest targeting, such as business, gaming, technology and computing, music, movies, and TV delivered a total audience of five million users. In addition, the brand targeted @usernames of key influencers such as journalists and tech publications, @Android, and competitor brands.

The success

@HuaweiMobile saw results that outperformed its KPIs. The average engagement rate was 193% higher than expectations and the CPE was 80% lower, while the number of Twitter followers increased by 3.5%. The company credits the success of the campaign with the ability to target followers of other usernames. @HuaweiMobile is now planning to build its Twitter followership and run more campaigns using Twitter ads.

The team

@HuaweiMobile’s campaign partner was OMD Worldwide (@OMD_Worldwide), a global media communications agency. A subsidiary of Omnicom Group, OMD is recognised for its global footprint, strategic integration, and creative innovation.

The benefits of using Twitter are twofold. First, it provides us with global access — we can Tweet across the world and reach an international audience. Second, it gives us the effectiveness of real-time communication — we can Tweet as and when events happen.

Tan Rahman (@tanrahman) Digital Consultant, Huawei Technologies, Consumer Business Group

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